Dating penfriend to write to

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Whether you are writing to a new friend or someone you have been writing to for years, it can be refreshing to throw in a few unexpected questions to keep it fresh and interesting, to keep the conversation going, and also to find out more about your pen pal.

Slip these questions into your letter, or why not add in a separate little quiz for your penfriend to complete?

Army penpals are important to keep our troops happy.

When you are far away from home a message from an army pen pal, be it a family member or a potential date you’ve met through Uniform Dating, can really make your day.

Whether you’re a civilian looking to date someone in the army, or someone in the army yourself that would prefer dating someone likeminded, Uniform Dating can help you out.

We started Uniform Dating as a platform for likeminded singles - men and women in uniform who know what it’s like having a demanding career in service oriented fields.

My childhood saw me carrying around a little red suitcase covered in stickers and full of pens, paper and other such goodies; my adulthood sees me doing pretty much exactly the same!

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My husband has a life sentence and will never come home. His love for his wife and children drove him to his attempt. My name is Sherry and back on November 02, 2002, my boyfriend was killed in a car wreck and it devastated me terribly. I came across PPP site and thought "why not", I really needed someone to talk to and someone who was living through hardship as I was.

One of the aims of the project is to tackle loneliness and social isolation in both the student and older demographics, although many of our letter writers would not class themselves as ‘lonely’!

Optional questionnaires will be distributed as part of the project.

Our students are often away from home for the first time and welcome the chance to write to someone new.

Letters are sent via the School of English so that addresses do not need to be exchanged.

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