Adult homemade spy cam

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Repeat on the other end of the mailing tube, cutting into the opposite side of the tube. Turn a pair of ordinary swim goggles into spy goggles.

It’s extremely small, and ideal for projects like this one.

To show off the Trinket’s abilities, the folks at Adafruit built a tiny timelapse camera.

From secret messages to invisible ink and fingerprint technology, your kids can bring excitement and intrigue to their play. Pour a small amount of cornstarch into a porcelain or stoneware saucer. Make a periscope to see over fences and around corners.

Whether you are filling a rainy afternoon or planning a birthday party complete with dark glasses and trench coats, try these simple projects to make sure your kids are bowing to your super secret-agent powers. Remember that blank paper is suspicious, so write something innocuous in standard ink. A pointed makeup applicator can work well as a pen with lemon juice, but many household items will allow you to write legibly in invisible ink. Take a second saucer and apply a flame using a long-handled candle lighter or candle. Cut a 2-inch square in one end of your cardboard mailing tube with a craft knife.

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