Motorola 6412 iii firmware updating

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In addition to this the DCT6412 is capable of viewing 3D* content in MPEG2 format up to 1080i resolution.

The DCT6412 was released in three phases (the differences shown in the table below).

I know it sounds minor, but it gets a little frustrating sometimes.

In the United States, the DCT6412 is generally owned by the cable company and rented to cable subscribers.

Some US cable companies lease the DCT6412 to all of their HDTV customers, regardless of whether they have paid to enable DVR service or not.

I then do a power cycle of the box and the "my DVR" button again works and all of the recorded shows are back on the menu.

I called comcast and they said that the box wasn't coded correctly and that was causing the problem. And before I can view them a day or two later, they are suddenly not on the MY DVR menu.

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