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“The statue is showing signs of wear and tear, not just from being touched by so many tourists but also because of rain and the effects of the weather,” Erika Righetti, from Verona city council, told The Telegraph.

“It will take about a week for the foundry to make a mould so that they can produce a new statue, which will then replace the old one.” The wear and tear to the statue, which is of modern creation and has stood in the courtyard since 1972, included a crack in Juliet’s right breast, which has been worn shiny by contact with so many hands, and another fracture in her right arm, which people often lean on as they have their photographs taken.

"I see Western managers making so many mistakes that are obvious to me when they are dealing with Russian bureaucracy."Kurzin, whose office is an elegant Mayfair town house, has dual Russian-British nationality.

Also Milan is a world capital of fashion, Venice attracts loving couples and Tuscany is famous for its wine.Is there any concern that Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) won’t keep their secret from Nick (David Giuntoli)?TULLOCH: For the most part, Juliette has been fairly honest and straightforward, as much as she can be, knowing that there’s so much that she doesn’t know and that she’s not let in on.But they are all different from Oriel in one conspicuous way: they are run, at least nominally, by Westerners - which Kurzin says is a disadvantage."Many of the Western companies operating in the former Soviet Union use an expat general manager," Kurzin says, speaking good English with a strong Russian accent.

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    Auf den Rechnern und in den Datenbänken der großen Single-Börsen liegen die Liebesgeheimnisse fast einer ganzen Stadt: In Hamburg ist die Suche nach Romantik bereits digitalisiert, erfasst, in Tabellen gespeichert.