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Have you noticed that there aren't many Christian groups in the meetup community? The mission of our group is to bring love and joy to our community; while an approach to be employed is the offer of free events through which Toronto Christians get to meet one another, participate in activities of interests, and grow in the knowledge and love of Christ.Examples of events include, but not limited to: dinners, (classical) music or art events, book discussions, bible studies, Christian concerts, motivational/inspirational conferences/seminars, clean comedy and game nights. For £25 a ticket, this women-only seminar promises benefits like ‘never again being confused by men’ and ‘understanding exactly how men think’.Erik Von Markovik, also known as Mystery, is the originator of the majority of pick up artist knowledge.Mystery has been and remains perhaps the most influential thinkers of the community.Today he provides services through Venusian Arts and has risen to celebrity status through his reality TV show "The Pick Up Artist" on VH-1 (two seasons) and the semi biographical account of his activities in Neil Strauss' The Game.According to multiple news outlets, Toronto’s biggest downtown shopping mall had recently become ground zero for so-called pickup artists (PUAs as they are known online), a loosely connected international community of guys who share seduction tips with each other on the Internet and take to the streets to “woo” as many unsuspecting women as humanly possible.Their techniques range from corny (showering women with compliments) to cruel: “Negging,” a PUA technique popularized by American pickup artist and journalist Neil Strauss in his 2005 book, , consists of showering women with low-grade insults.

If this sounds like the kind of group you are seeking, then we look forward to meeting you:) Welcome to bring your family and friends. * The Toronto Christian Community is non-profit and non-denominational/inter-denominational, sharing the life-saving message of Jesus and connecting Christians across the extended Greater Toronto Area.

Instead, he told me how “cool” my glasses were and asked me if I had a boyfriend.

It became instantly clear that he didn’t want a donation; he wanted a date.

Topics for contribution might cover: Products semantics and features of the feminine / masculine Gender in the market Branding gender And others Abstracts of 300-500 words should be submitted by June 1. Accepted contributions will be presented at the seminar by the authors as ppt or otherwise oral presentation: Please find preliminary schedule below.

Message of acceptance or not will be sent by June 30. Accepted contributions will not be automatically published, but we encourage to have them published in relevant journals, like Sustainable Development or Formakademisk (

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