Body scanners opt out intimidating

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Our previous pick, the Fujifilm X-T1 is now our runner-up choice for those who can make do with fewer features.

With a street price approaching ,000 bundled with a lens, buying the X-T2 is a significant investment in your photography.

I need to try them out to see if the texture hits the mark. I’m their biggest fan, but not in a creepy Stephen King way! You’ll definitely get the cooler/dry temp while you’re visiting I’m sure of it. I love trail mix anything and the fact that they can be gfree even better.

As a side, I google your Spelt Pancakes for one recipe every couple of weeks. I love the idea of a cookbook of just granola bars. My only request is to include some gfree or gfree options :). I can see myself making several batches for the hikes I plan to do this summer. I can’t wait to hear about it and I’m sure your nephews will think that whatever you bring is fantastic. The Supersonic Gypsy cookie from Bunner’s Bakery in Toronto.

(They are currently obsessed with some of your carrot muffin recipes! And as a side note I just found Enjoy Life mini chips yesterday and am SO excited that they taste so good.

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On an Alaska Airlines flight back home this weekend, the fast-talking pilot told a little joke.

But it’d be nice if someone, someday, took the bait and followed me out of this suffocating artifice, process, procedure and legal fears be damned.

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