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A £2.8 million loss was posted for the six months to end of June alongside a fall in revenues.

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The guide isn't available for free, in fact, it was being sold for Bitcoins on a deep web marketplace.

At the time, Cupid said revenue for the first six months had more than halved to £7.2m from £26.9m in the same period the previous year and the pre-tax loss grew to £4.2m from £266,000.

The fall was partly attributed to the sale in July 2013 of the company’s no-strings attached “casual” dating websites including and to Grendall Investment for a total of £45.1m.

Judging by messaging over all those years, the broad writing culture is indeed changing, and the change is driven by phones.

Apple opened their app store in mid-2008, and Ok Cupid, like every major service, quickly launched an app. Users began typing on keyboards smaller than their palm, and message length has dropped by over two-thirds The average message is now just over 100 characters — Twitter-sized, in fact.

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