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Previous Federal Aid (pre-1992) categories: Federal Aid Interstate (FAI); Federal Aid Primary (FAP); Federal Aid Urban (FAU); and Federal Aid Secondary (FAS).Current Functional Classifications (used for aid purposes): Principal Arterial (PA); Minor Arterial (MA); Collector (Col); Rural Minor Collector/Local Road (RMC/LR).If you are still on the page where the annoying ad was (or still is) displayed, then proceed to fill out this form.If the ads navigated you to another page, then use the back button to navigate back to the exact page where the problem started and submit from there. Over the course of four hit albums, the Deftones have honed one of the most dramatic and distinctive sounds in heavy rock.

It’s also evidence of the slowdown, and then virtual halt, in major highway construction that took hold in the 1970s as California’s population growth slowed and as liberal opposition to public works merged with conservative dislike of new taxes.

Eventually, he got into the mix, we finished the record and everybody was very much 100% in.

[Verse 1] Closing in I hear the voices Haunting us Echo voices [Pre-Chorus] Remove the frame and focus in As I begin to wave You pretend to take the scene And I'll pretend to pray [Chorus] From the top, to the end You've got your razors out To the end, till you stop You cut the frames apart [Verse 2] Frozen I Can hear the voices Controlling our fate Echo voices [Pre-Chorus] [Chorus] [Instrumental Bridge] [Pre-Chorus] [Chorus (x2)] .

This song, along with another one was included on the US release of the film.

This particular song was written by Mike Shinoda (who also produced the rest of the album) of Linkin Park and Chino Moreno of Deftones and ††† fame.

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