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It’s a tough call, and international TV co-productions outside the U. Yet there’s so much fun to be had in “The Young Pope,” from Sorrentino’s nervy writing to DP Luca Bigazzi’s eye-feast of pleasures, that with proper media attention, HBO can expect a loyal audience.European success will inevitably be more significant, though it remains to be seen how the series will play in Italy, where the director has a mixed record in positively connecting with his fellow countrymen (Sky Atlantic airs the first episode there Oct. and other Euro territories later that month, while Canal Plus handles French broadcast around the same time; HBO has yet to declare a date.) It’s hard to imagine “The Young Pope” could ever have been conceived before the election of Pope Francis, the self-effacingly charismatic pontiff from Argentina whose chosen name alone signaled his intent to move the Curia towards a humbler, more all-embracing Church.K Rowling reveals this very different time in his life." Law was among our picks of actors who could best-suit the role.

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In our challenging times, would it not be wise to befriend such a faithful ally?As one of the twelve apostles hand-picked by our Savior, this cousin of Jesus and brother of James has come to my assistance countless times over the years.One of the most extraordinary instances was when I was down to the wire in having to find a rental home quickly after selling my condo.There is perhaps no one among us, particularly at this point in our nation’s history, who is not facing a crisis on some level. Maybe your home is in foreclosure or you are facing a short sale.Perhaps your marriage needs healing or you are newly bereaved.

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