Who is pierre bouvier dating

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You can't go around being selfish thinking only of yourself and turning into an egocentric rockstar.That pretty much guarantees a break-up.”If you’re a March Madness maniac, then you probably heard Simple Plan’s single “Boom!23, as lead singer Pierre Bouvier deals with a vocal cord injury.The Montreal pop-punk band says Bouvier encountered a sudden throat pain earlier this week as he was singing in studio.

Some of his schoolmates such as; Jeff Stinco and Sebastien Lefebvre also joined the band.That said, his voice fits the pop punk genre very well.TORONTO — Simple Plan is pushing back several Canadian tour dates this month, including a Montreal show scheduled for Nov.Pierre on the other hand, I had to lean up just to hug him. [Editor Rob: ah yes man, I saw the pic and he looks in the 180cm range if your friend is as she says 5ft 9?] said on 29/Dec/05 hes 178-180cm , i met him when david was dating one of my girl friendz , back when their band was called RESET , and im 5'8" (i get mesured every year) and he def looked 5'10"ish and david is about 5'6"ish very skinny tho and he used to work at a mcdonalds near my house ...

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